Did you know a cat can have acne? Yes, cats do have acne, just like us. It is more common in cats with skin folds and long hairs although any cat can have it.

What is Cat acne?

Acne in cats is medically described as follicular keratinization caused by blockage of the hair follicles with excess keratin production. It often presents as scabs or sores on the cat’s chin, (this is why it is usually referred to as cat chin acne), however, the lips and some parts of the face can also be infected.

What does cat acne look like?

Acne in cats appears as blackheads or whiteheads (just as in humans) accompanied by small bumps when you run your hand over it. Most cat parents do not notice it because it looks more like a dirt stain than a pimple (acne). In severe cases, it can result in hair loss, red skin, or bleeding.

What causes it?

  • Low Immunity.
  • Stress
  • Hormone Imbalance.
  • Poor grooming.
  • The use of plastic bowls.

What do I do?

Most cases of cat acne disappear except for severe acne. In mild acne, you can clean the area with a mild antiseptic solution, bathe with medicated shampoo, use a warm compress, give omega 3 supplements and replace plastic bowls. Severe cases usually need medical intervention. Human acne drugs are not recommended but veterinary-prescribed drugs.