Animal species on the planet age at different rates depending on how time affects their body, I have chosen to focus on dogs for obvious reasons 🙂 . People often say that 7 human years are equivalent to 1 dog year, but from my research, this is very inaccurate. There are a couple of factors which influence a dog’s age as seen below

First, dogs age differently depending on factors such as breed and size/body mass. Smaller dog breeds also tend to live longer than larger breeds, for example, a Lhasa Apsos will most likely live longer than a Great Dane.

Dogs age faster during their first year of life than the rest of their years, reaching sexual maturity during this time. Smaller breeds also tend to age more rapidly during the beginning of life

One of the key reasons dogs age faster than we do is that they have a higher metabolism rate than humans. Dogs breathe faster, their hearts beat faster and their blood pumps faster.

Priceonomic calculated how old different sized dogs are compared to humans.