I have always been fascinated with Afghan Hounds solely for their elegant beauty even though I have never had the opportunity to see one in person. Of all the sighthounds the Afghan hound is considered to be the most regal in appearance. However, in earlier times, Afghan hounds were bred for reasons beyond their beauty, they had a practical purpose which was to hunt. The breed’s panoramic vision and great speed were useful features used in keeping tracking of and pursuing prey. The breed was also valued for its ability to think and hunt independently, without human direction.


The Afghan Hound is an ancient breed said to predate written history, it is one of the oldest purebred dogs and it originates from what is now Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan.


The AKC states that the Afghan Hound is a special breed for special people and I agree if only for the high level of maintenance required to keep this dog. Extra care and attention need to be paid to the dog’s coat. The dog’s independent nature and large size make it best suited as an adult companion.


Another noteworthy fact about the Afghan Hound is that the first cloned dog was one and he was named Snuppy. Have you seen an Afghan Hound before? Which of its feature is most striking to you?