Many bird owners have always considered if wing clipping for pet birds is a good decision for their feathered friends or not. Here are some of the Pros and Cons of clipping a bird’s wing:


  • A light wing clip helps with socializing and training your birds at the initial stage. 
  • It allows your pet birds to play safely outside instead of being permanently caged.
  • Wing clip helps to reduce energy exhaustion from flying.
  • Wing clip helps to reduce the risk of escape.
  • It helps to reduce aggression in dominant birds.
  • It helps to reduce the risk of injury in free-flying birds. E.g. flying into a moving ceiling fan.


  • Wing clipping can cause psychological issues like phobias and feather picking. 
  • Injuries on the chest from crash landing.
  • Blood loss from cutting the wing too short.
  • Inability to escape predator attacks because they are unable to fly.
  • If the wings are clipped before the bird learns to fly, some of them are unable to fly later in life. 

Before making a decision, ensure you consider all the Pros and Cons in relation to your bird’s environment, training, and experience. Also, do not attempt to clip your bird’s wing yourself without being trained to do so. Preferably, let it be handled by a professional.